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The Oyster Bed Small Burlap Sack

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Regardless of how you intend to use our burlap sacks, their earthy essence and humble design will please anyone giving or receiving our Oyster Bed Products.  

Why burlap?   For generations, oysters have been transported in burlap sacks. Today most fresh oysters are even sold “by the sack” or “half sack” – even if they are boxed up in wax-coated cardboard or relegated to bags of cheap purple plastic fiber. One thing is for sure, though – there’s something special about the original burlap – and that’s why we offer it as a beautiful accessory for our Oyster Bed products.

Burlap is made from the skin of the jute plant – which is one of the strongest but also least expensive crops worldwide. The durable fiber is resistant to heat and water seepage making it perfect for storing, transporting, and even cooking oysters.

Because the special coarse material retains moisture but is also very porous, it traps steam in and around oysters that are prepared this way – making them the ideal choice for anyone preparing a “low country oyster roast.” 

Our burlap sacks are best used for storage and as a unique “wrap” for gifting our products.

Our large sack is 26” long and 14” wide and fits our Le Grand Oyster Bed perfectly.

Our small sack is 18” long and 14” wide and fits all the rest of our smaller Oyster Bed products.

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